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Nicole's Story

I met Pasha after the Cincinnati performance of Champions on Ice in April of 1998.  After the show, the skaters were going out to their bus.  The fans were allowed to wait near the bus, standing behind a barricade.  The skaters could choose whether or not to sign autographs and talk to fans, or just get on the bus.

Well, many of the skaters chose to ignore the fans who had come to support their show.  But not Pasha.  When she came out of the arena, she looked like a movie star.  But she didn't act like one at all.  Instead, she behaved like the wonderful person that I never expected.

Pasha was so kind and friendly to all of the fans.  She was extremely gracious and giving of her time, and made so many people happy.  When Pasha was putting her luggage on the bus, I asked her if I could take her picture and she happily posed for me.  Then, when she was signing autographs, and it was my turn, I asked her if I could take her picture again, and once more she smiled for my camera.

I was so starstruck that I barely knew what to say.  I think I said how wonderful and nice she was, and that I loved her skating.  I know I said "I love you" at least once.  I was embarrassed about that, but Pasha just smiled and thanked me.  She seemed to appreciate each and every fan.  Another fan shouted out, "Pasha, you look just like Marilyn Monroe!", and Pasha smiled even more.  I thought that she looked like Marilyn, but that she was even prettier.

My only regret was that while I was taking pictures and talking to Pasha, I did not get her autograph.  My mom was standing further down the line of fans, and was getting my program signed by many of the skaters for me.  But she somehow missed getting Pasha's signature in my program.  I was still very happy just to have met Pasha, and I have two beautiful pictures of the occasion!

~Nicole ~