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Dearest Pasha,
I wish you a wonderful birthday and a wonderful year ahead. May all your
projects turn into great successes because you deserve the very best.
Be happy and healthy, on your birthday and forever. I hope to see you more this
year, on TV, on the Internet on in Germany. I miss you much. A million kisses
to you and all your familly xoxo
Sandrine b.


I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that you receive as much joy as I
have received from watching your skating over the years.  Best wishes!



Dear Pasha,

Congratulations on your birthday!!!

It is a long time since I wrote you last, I'm very sorry for that. So when
Anushka asked if I wanted to write a birthday message for you I thought that
was a perfect opportunity to write you again.

I hope everything is well with you and that you enjoy your life. I have
heard you are doing skating shows in the US which have been well received,
I'm very happy for that.

I want to take this chance to thank you for three things that you have
brought into my life:
First of all figure skating! You were the one that caught my attention many
years ago and made me a figure skating fan. I will never forget how I sat
on the floor in my room watching your Tango OD and Arabian Passion over and
over again after Europeans 97. Since than I have found a lot of joy from
figure skating, both in the pleasure of watching skating and in the
pleasure of going to skating competitions.
Second for your wonderful skating! Your programs are still fresh in mind
and I watch my tapes with you from time to time.
Third for Ansuhka! If it was not for you we would never have met. Anushka
is now a very dear friends who's friendship I value very high.

Thank you!!!

I hope you will have a great birthday! And I wish you all good for the




Happy birthday dear Pasha,  
I wish you good luck with your show and that you may skate a lot in the future. Be healthy and happy always.
Love Margreet


Dear Oxana,
Have a Very Happy Birthday!!!
My family and I wish you happiness, health, peaceful days, and success in
everything you do! Of course a lot of LOVE in your private life!!!
Nobody could change the Destiny, Directions, given to us by our Spiritual
Best wishes to your sweet Mamachka!
Bye for now,
Lots of Love, hugs and Strong Energy,
Claire and family


Dearest Pasha, Happy Birthday and welcome to the beginning of a wonderous new year.
May it be filled with success and joy.
With all my love. Jim Hodges (Jimka)


"Dearest Pasha, I hope this day is happy and memorable for you. It marks the start of another successful year. Hurrah!! Of course, with all the hard work you've done in the last year - especially with your beautiful Nutcracker on Ice, I believe you deserve a day to celebrate YOU! Surround yourself with fun.
  Love, Bevelusha"  


S dnyom rozhdeniya Pasha!!!
Have the happiest of birthdays and happy skating!
Love, Aletochka (Aleta)
...don't forget about me!
meow meow meow meow!
Love, Pasha (my kitty)


" Dearest Sistrichka Oksanochka Princess Angel!  The wish today is for my 'Sestrenka Pashenka' to have the very greatest and best of birthdays. You give so much of yourself and we all love you for that. You also are one of the nicest and most thoughtful people I know. On this your birth-day there is much to celebrate; health, success and hapiness are yours. Be true to
yourself and positive always. It is my honor to be called your bratishka.


"Never think twice about dropping a line to say your in need of a friend to tell me your lonely or happy or sad I'm here for you right till he end"
 Happy birthday, have a good one, dont forget to make a wish!!
  lots of love Ruth XXX  


My sweet Angel Pasha,

Congratulations with your 29th birthday! I hope this special day and all days to come will be full of love, happiness and health. It seems like yesterday since I first got to know you, since then we have been through very good things and very bad things, but we have been through it together and it has made us stronger. I wish you all the very best in everything you will do. Never forget how special and strong you are. Of course also a very happy birthday to your mama. This is a special day for her as well and I wish her all the love in the world.
Have a very happy birthday!

Lots of love and 29 kisses,

Anushka&Family and Radja of course.